Your partner in Land Development.

At Capital Civil Engineering we treat every project as if we were developing it ourselves.  Rules change constantly, let us help you negotiate the maze of City, State and Federal regulations, schedules and permits required to get your project constructed on time and on budget.

Client Satisfaction: Comments from people we have worked with.
Topic Comment
Quality “I have heard repeatedly from my staff how professional and complete all of the work you have submitted to us has been.”...“We have a lot of firms’ plans come thru our offices, but the words used for your work is “best” we’ve seen. Thank you for your attention to the information that you provide to us - it makes our job easier and helps us build a great community.” - from Town Director of Engineering

 "Great work guys.  You are a significant asset to this project…The Town is not the only ones who have recognized that." - from Project Development Manager
Communication "Always available and responsive when needed." - from Developers and Contractors
"Has helped me understand the process and schedule every step of the way." - from Property Owner
Property Evaluation "Preliminary planning has helped me market many properties for quicker more profitable sale." - from Land Broker